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Brand Identity & System / Communications planning / Experience Design / Innovation Strategy

Understanding the ambitious millennial’s

Our challenge

Fintech leader SoFi wanted to deepen members’ engagement with their career advisory offering and better understand the full value of their membership.

Our methodology

We created SoFi Accelerate – the first-ever “career incubator” event series inviting young professionals to a day of reflection, inspiration and hands-on coaching. We designed programming to serve a variety of working styles and career goals. Digital networking touchpoints before, during, and after the event deepened and facilitated connections.

Our solution

Elevating career coaching from an under-used offering to SoFi’s marquee member benefit

Creating supplementary ‘best-practices’ content to reach 30,000+ additional SoFi community members across the U.S.

Engaging over 600 SoFi members and prospects in three major markets

Our results

Attendees walked away with a clear vision statement, an actionable 30-day plan, and the peer connections and SoFi resources to help them stick to it.