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Brand Identity & System / Communications planning / Digital Product Design / Organizational Consulting

Sharing the future of mobility with the world

Our challenge

Lucid wanted to design their Silicon Valley showroom and headquarters to capture the company’s “spirit of California” identity and establish them as leaders in space, energy, and time.

Our methodology

We designed the customer experience in four main parts, taking visitors on a journey from Lucid’s origins and inspirations through tech demos, vehicle prototypes, and customization options. Branded assets, graphics, and messaging enhance the visitor showroom experience.

The showroom design’s scalability and flexibility enabled Lucid to apply this prototype to sales centers as they expand into new locations and markets.

Our solution

Setting design standards and prototypes for consistent brand and showroom expansion

Growing consumer interest through interactive and experiential features

Connecting with customers to drive brand awareness and community

Our results

“We thoughtfully developed Lucid’s retail strategy to provide customers with very specific experiences when they enter our showrooms and speak with our representatives.” PETER RAWLINSON, LUCID CEO (via Forbes)