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Consumer Research / Service Design / Innovation Strategy / Experience Design

Understanding the patient experience to create a better mammogram

Our challenge

Faced with declining market share in medical imaging, GE Healthcare wanted to reimagine the mammography process and chart a course for the business’s future.

Our methodology

To identify challenges with the mammography process, we conducted empathy-driven, patient-focused research to understand the perspectives of those involved.

We built a For Women By Women retail lab, featuring a series of co-creation sessions designed to expand the conversation and connect with diverse perspectives on the mammogram experience. Our collaborative process included intimate discussions with breast cancer survivors, design workshops with an all-star team of female design community leaders, and panel discussions with notable brands.

By focusing on the patient rather than hardware, we uncovered underlying pain points with the mammography experience and built an empathetic, patient-centric product and service strategy designed to help GE Healthcare solve those issues.

Our solution

Our research unearthed a variety of insights from over 1,200 doctors, technicians, and patients, improving the overall mammogram experience, efficacy of testing, and national screening rates for women

Developing features like patient-assisted compression and material adjustments to for a more streamlined experience

Inspiring a business-wide empathic approach to developing new products and services

Developing a service layer for GE’s product businesses — supporting additional, direct monetization of our research findings with GE’s core hospital customers

Our results

Of patients Reported Improved Experiences

“Tasked with completely revamping patient perception of mammography, GE Healthcare […] found a way to put women in control of their own exam [and] made patient comfort a priority. [GE’s] Senographe Pristina has the best of our technology, but it was also inspired by empathy with women.”

Aurelie Boudier
Global Creative Director
GE Healthcare