We re-imagine brands through cultural insight, Applied Empathy, and creative intelligence.

Harnessing a powerful legacy to chart a new path for future growth


Ad Campaign Creative Art Direction Brand Identity & System Positioning & Purpose Social advertising

To position Pantone as a leader in color expertise and intelligence, we needed to transition the brand from a B2B focus to a consumer-minded brand.

Our global research strategy lay the foundation from which we revitalized Pantone’s Color of the Year campaign as a year-round tool of expression, charting the future of color direction and studying how color influences human thought processes, emotions and physical reactions. 

We also created a new logomark, “Make it Brilliant” tagline, and internal and external marketing campaigns that celebrate the brand’s past and future.



Robust social engagement

Rising on Instagram to become the fifth most-popular and engaged-with account.

Campaing-driven growth

Triggering an exponential rise in the brand’s social following across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Powerful media impact

Generating the largest media impact in the brand’s history with 2016’s Colors of the Year.


Introducing the future of driving and mobility to the world


Brand Identity & System Communications Planning Digital Product Design Organizational Consulting

Lucid challenged us to capture the company’s “spirit of California” identity in their Silicon Valley showroom and HQ.  

To fully immerse customers in the brand’s spirit and establish them as leaders in space, energy, and time, we took visitors on a journey, beginning at Lucid’s origins and inspirations through to tech demos, vehicle prototypes, and customization options. Branded assets, graphics, and messaging enhance the visitor showroom experience.

The showroom design’s scalability and flexibility enables Lucid to apply this prototype to sales centers as they expand into new locations and markets.


Flexible Design

Setting design standards and prototypes for consistent brand and showroom expansion.

Memorable Experiences

Growing consumer interest through interactive and experiential features.

Lasting Impact

Connecting with customers to drive brand awareness and community.


Using the power of haptics to disrupt a shoe category


Communications Planning Digital Product Design Experience Design

Our challenge was to position Nike as a leader in apparel and innovation through the launch of Hyperfeel, their breakthrough running technology.

We designed and activated The Art + Science of Feeling, a neuro-sensorial experience where guests embarked on a barefoot journey across varied textured surfaces, enhanced through motion-triggered audiovisual elements, that elevated the sensorial experiences of running. Interactive installations communicated additional product benefits and campaign messaging throughout. 

An interactive data visualization display alongside the product grew as attendees participated, providing personal biometric takeaways and aggregated content for Nike’s channels.



Meaningful engagement

Inspiring social engagement from over 30% of visitors.

Target exposure

Creating supplementary programming to expand the ‘drop’ audience from sneakerheads to design students and NYC running crews.

Artistic alignement

Facilitating meaningful partnerships to tell a deeper product story and drive media buzz.


Tommy Schonder


Los Angeles

Applied Empathy

We are a brand strategy and design practice founded on the belief that deeper understanding creates better solutions. We leverage our proprietary empathic design methodology and cultural intelligence technology to help brands solve their most difficult challenges and deliver on their promises.


Consumer Behaviors

The pain points, desires, aspirations
of audiences – whether they’re internal
employees or customers.

Contextual Forces

The direct and indirect competitive set,
as well as the larger forces of society, politics, and culture.

Company Realities

The character, culture, beliefs, and offerings
of the business and its brand.

We bring together research, strategy and design to clarify purpose and drive growth, engagement and awareness
for brands.


Reintroducing a beloved icon to the new creative class

Herman Miller

Ad Campaign Creative Communications Planning Social advertising Strategic Partner Engagement

Our challenge was to Help Herman Miller capture a wide audience for their 25th-anniversary edition of the Aeron chair.

We recognized the need to tell the story of how behind-the-scenes innovation had improved a classic design in order to revitalize audiences that were nostalgic for the original product and engage a new class of creatives considering an Aeron for the first time.

The juxtaposition of the chair’s timeless design and cutting-edge ergonomics drove the B2B and B2C market strategy, visual, and tonal inspiration for the Masterpiece Remastered campaign.


Next-Gen Engagement

Generating a 3x increase in new site visits attributed to the campaign.

Building a New Base

Driving 77% more new customers into sales funnel.

B2B Toolkit

Engaging key sales partners by providing B2B-specific tools and assets to drive customers through the sales funnel.


Brand Strategy

Brand Architecture, Positioning & Purpose, Innovation Strategy, Empathy-Centered Research and Comms Planning.


Matt Sim

Executive Director of Strategy

New York

Unifying an organization around a new vision for future impact


Digital Product Design Experience Design Positioning & Purpose Strategic Partner Engagement

Our challenge was to provide communication guidance for The Carlyle Group’s Global Investor Conference. We identified the need to inform and inspire LPs on Carlyle’s leadership, vision, and investment excellence, emphasizing togetherness and cooperation. 

We crafted messaging themes driving the conference’s communication strategy, content, and thought leadership, culminating in video content, experience design, and conference materials.

We also developed a strategy and narrative highlighting Carlyle’s ESG impact, and developed an interactive impact report and microsite that allows Carlyle to stay consistent and transparent in their leadership efforts.



Redefining Leadership

Crafting a narrative that represents a new focus in diversity, inclusion and strength in numbers.

Brand Transparency

Building trust through highlighting the firm’s sustainability and diversity efforts through interactive digital touchpoints.

Thoughtful Connections

Establishing relationships with key business partners through creative and social content consistent with the brand’s tone and voice.

“From due diligence through exit, our impact approach at Carlyle is rooted in building better businesses from the bottom up and top down. The Carlyle 2020 Impact Review speaks to our expanded focus on this long-term strategy and demonstrates how our holistic approach is driving change forward even in challenging times”

Kewsong Lee & Glenn Youngkin, Carlyle CO-CEO’s

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Audrey Chan

Associate Strategist

New York

Camille Ross

Executive Production Director

New York

Organizational Consulting

Service Design, Employee Engagement, Internal Marketing & Communications.


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Identity Design

Brand Identity & System, Art Direction and Graphic Design.


Co-Creation and Collaboration

Collaboration is an essential step in our empathy-process.

We constantly involve different voices and perspectives to ensure we’re creating effective programs, products, positionings, and experiences. This allows us to align on a brand purpose and brand code that resonates with consumers.


Empowering Americans to unite and fight for democracy


Ad Campaign Creative Digital Product Design Influencer Management Positioning & Purpose Social advertising

Our challenge was to help the ACLU increase voter participation in the 2020 presidential election. Through research and tracking user journeys, we realized that we needed to create a sense of urgency by amplifying what was really at stake in order to generate action. 

Using these insights, we concepted and developed the campaign strategy and digital experience for #OurVoteOurFight. Two campaign videos, an interactive web experience, and over a thousand shareable social media assets ensured campaign scalability, strong engagement, and emphasized the impact each voter has on the nation’s future.



Empowered Audiences

Uniting the American population with a single mission and call to action.

Digital Asset Toolkit

Inviting active participation and driving content distribution across multiple social platforms.

Strong Impact

Expanding organizational reach through for an ongoing platform, voice and following.


Becky Magee



Engagement Execution

Social Advertising, Influencer Management and Strategic Partner Engagement.


Redefining a district as a community, innovation, and culture hub

24+ Half

Experience Design Graphic design Positioning & Purpose Social advertising

Blue Onyx tasked us with the challenge of highlighting the narrative of 24 + Half, a new innovation district, as an urban rebirth of Paterson, NJ. 

Our opportunity lay in developing a branding and placemaking system that celebrates the district’s entrepreneurial spirit while fostering a vibrant and equitable future.

We branded and launched a Covid-19-safe beach party around the message “Paterson rising” to boost community engagement, and designed a new visual identity, environmental graphics, and creative content for the redevelopment site. Custom typography makes the logo adaptable for collaborations and initiatives.



Robust Identity

Forging lasting relationships and collaborations with business partners and community members.

Engaged Community

Building community through events and initiatives in line with the brand’s core mission.

Custom Creative Assets

Encouraging members to celebrate and represent their new neighborhood.

“We’re excited about creating a catalyst for renewal within this historic neighborhood in a way that celebrates Paterson’s entrepreneurial past while looking forward to a sustainable future.”

Levi Kelman, Blue Onyx CEO

Content Creation

Ad Campaign Creative, Owned Content, Experience Design and Digital Product Design.


Margo Husted


New York

Highlighting a lifestyle brand’s character and community to refresh their flagship experience


Digital Product Design Experience Design Positioning & Purpose Spatial Design

After a logistically challenging debut, our task was to help Goop develop, design and produce their second annual In goop Health wellness summit in NYC. 

Our focus on providing a frictionless experience made us rethink every stage of the guest experience, from pre-event registration through day-of participation. We developed a strategic spatial plan that transformed the cavernous event space into one inviting self-care and community. 

We designed a custom registration platform for guests to register in real-time for treatments, classes, and activities; stand in virtual lines; and process payments.



Seamless execution

Delivering digital solutions and a concierge-style service strategy that continues to be used at In goop Health events.

Experiential design

Transforming 44,000 feet of raw space into a venue for multiple simultaneous activations.

Building the community

Earning recognition and praise from multiple wellness and lifestyle platforms.


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Celebrating an icon’s legacy to chart his second chapter

Tiger Woods | TGR

Brand Identity & System Communications Planning Digital Product Design Innovation Strategy Organizational Consulting

Tiger Woods tasked us with visualizing a future for his diverse portfolio and developing a new parent brand for his organization. 

To unify his businesses and teams, we created TGR, a family of brands and designed six connected enterprise websites. 

The pillars of our strategy – mindset, method, and mastery – guided a new identity design, public launch plan, and internal culture building initiatives. Coupled with a revived social media and communications strategy, this digital ecosystem helped catapult Tiger’s return to golf and elevate his vision for his next chapter.


Cohesive Brand Family

Creating lasting strategies to unify messaging, creative, and culture across a diverse portfolio.

Empowered Team

Facilitating new streams of cross-portfolio collaboration.

Digital Community

Creating a user-centered and growth-oriented digital home base that serves as a hub for fans, partners, and collaborators.


Identifying what listeners want in a new sound experience


Art Direction Digital Product Design Graphic design Positioning & Purpose Social advertising

Our task was to position Bellosound as the go-to music source for event talent, custom playlists, and streaming. Our research and exploration revealed that we needed to communicate both the brand’s sense of sophistication to corporate clients and coolness to casual listeners. 

We developed an external brand strategy to serve diverse environments and users, and established internal brand guidelines to strengthen brand identity from within. We designed creative content that governed all promotional material and collateral for live events, social media, and streaming platforms.



Diverse Assets

Connecting brand offerings and services to key business partners.

Elevated Standars

Building community both internally and externally through a new brand identity.

Social Presence

Establishing brand awareness with creative content across multiple platforms and channels.

“Even if you can’t stay in one of the French Polynesian hotel’s new overwater bungalow suites with infinity-edge plunge pools, try to imagine it while listening to Bora Bora Dreamin’. Curated with DJ/music styling company Bellosound, the songs play at some of the Four Seasons’ restaurants and bars and are as light and frothy as the hotel’s tropical Puura Nui cocktail.”

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